Services We Offer

DSC_0003 Species Serviced

  • Dogs
  • Cats

We offer limited services for:

  • Rabbits
  • Pocket Pets (rats, hamsters & guinea pigs)

Medical Services

Routine Surgeries

Including spay/neutering and declawing.


Performed in-house awake or with light sedation. We perform full abdominal ultrasounds, single organs and pregnancy ultrasounds. We now offer heart ultrasounds (echocardiogram).

Diagnostic Endoscopy

Performed under general anesthesia, it is a minimally invasive way to look at the GI tract. It can sometimes be used to remove foreign objects and take tissue samples for further diagnostics.

Soft Tissue and Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic surgeries include fracture repairs, cruciate ligament repair and tibial tubercle rotations (patella surgery). Soft tissue surgeries include analsacculectomy, cherry eye replacement or removal, abdominal exploratory, mass removals, wound repairs and much more.


Digital x-rays are taken for interpretation and diagnosis. These x-rays can be emailed or burned to a CD for referral to a specialist if needed.

In-House Diagnostics

Our in-house diagnostic capabilities allow us to immediately perform a variety of tests to aid in the diagnosis of your pet. See on site lab services page for a list of tests offered.


Our skilled Licensed Veterinary Technicians perform a full oral evaluation and dental cleaning. This includes ultrasonic scaling, polishing and fluoride treatment.

Pain Management

Every effort is taken to minimize and prevent pain from occurring. Our doctors and technicians customize a pain management protocol to fit the needs of your pet.

Allergy Testing

Blood samples are obtained and sent to the Heska allergen lab for testing. If your pet is diagnosed with allergies, immunotherapy is available in injectable or sublingual forms. The allergy serum is shipped back to our clinic for your pet.


Our clinic offers a fully stocked pharmacy to care for your pets needs.

Glaucoma Testing

Short acting anesthetic is placed in your pet’s eyes and pressures are painlessly taken to determine if your pet is at risk for glaucoma. Early detection and treatment can save the eye.

Vaccinations/Preventative Care

Yearly exams and bloodwork are highly recommended, especially as your pet ages. Vaccine schedules are customized to fit your pet’s needs. Catching ailments and diseases early on can lead to a longer and healthier life.

Senior Care Programs

Early detection and prevention can lead to a prolonged quality life for your pet.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

We utilize both Cardell and Doppler monitoring.


Using the latest technology, a small microchip is placed under your pet’s skin. This allows your pet to be scanned and identified if lost or stolen. This procedure can be done during a regular office visit or while your pet is here for surgery.